Sunday, February 15, 2015

Where are we? (S2W5)

So, this week was a bit of a mess.  We managed to fix some of the issues with the controls on tablet and added a few little tweaks to make the launch button more noticeable.  We also integrated Charles' balancing changes into the game, which most of the testers loved.  We also ended up wasting a lot of time, whether through miscommunicated meeting times or misprioritized tasks.  I'm quite disappointed, and I feel like we're not far enough along.  Maybe that's on me - I haven't had quite the motivation this semester that I had last semester, so I could definitely be doing more.  At the same time, I shouldn't be the lynchpin for art or design tasks, particularly on the UI design side.  I might not have the strength to fulfill that role for a team of 10.

The team is drifting in confusion.

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