Sunday, February 22, 2015

Finding a track on which to return (S2W6)

We've got a lot on our plate.  We've got four weeks, essentially.  Technically six, but the final two are reserved solely for polish and testing.  In those four weeks, we need to finish the game.  That means (A) single-player campaign, (B) faction upgrades, C) all the final art and sound, including faction-specific buildings and characters, and (D) final UI layout.  All this in four weeks.  You reap what you sow, I suppose.

But at least we're better off than we were a few weeks ago, and most certainly better off than we were last week.  From the 54 missions we discussed last week we've cut it down to a much, much more manageable 12.  This will allow us to actually test and polish everything in a reasonable amount of time.  We'll need to put in a bit more work to get these looking nice, but we'll be able spend that extra work for each mission.  Faction upgrades were prototyped last night; half of them are currently working, one of them will take a few hours to code, and the other two are still undeveloped.  Final art and sound are at an unknown state of completion.  We managed to agree on a final UI.  This is an area where I'm really glad we've set our foot down and enforced a deadline, though I'd be happier if we'd gotten this done two or three weeks ago.  I also believe we managed to tick off one of our artists, who had gotten very attached to one specific iteration of the UI, one that we rejected.  Not particularly happy about that, though I'm sure it'll fade into the background.

From a programming standpoint, I accomplished a good chunk of work over the past few days.  Factions now create their own prefabs per building and projectile, as well as have a data-driven format for their properties.  Faction upgrades are also functional - both of the Soviet upgrades are working, and the Murkika upgrades have been revised to be slightly easier to prototype.  I've also gone and revised both the match intro and ending screens, adding more color highlights and a match duration timer.

We've spent perhaps an excess of time planning and debating, but hopefully we've gotten to a point where we can really get back on track.  It'd be nice to see this project progress beyond the usual limitations of a student project.

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