Monday, December 1, 2014

Week Fourteen: Success

First: we have passed.  We're moving on to next semester, and We Love Nuclear Armageddon is going into full production.  I'm very proud of what our team has accomplished this semester and I'm excited to see what we'll get done next semester, particularly with our three new members.

Second: I did not expect to be as nervous as I was during both the presentations and the faculty demos.  We had to make some hasty modifications to our presentation on Monday, ones that ultimately made our presentation much more coherent and explained our game better, but making those changes a few hours before the deadline was stressful.  Demo night was equally nerve-wracking, as faculty who had never seen our game outside of the previous day's presentation sat down to play matches against each other.  It was a good test of the game's interface, and it mostly worked.  The big red button was not as visible as I wanted it to be and the end turn button was not clearly indicated.  User feedback still needs a lot of work.  Despite these issues, the faculty must have seen the value in our concept, as they allowed us forward.

I'll be posting a more thorough postmortem on this half of the game's development later in the week.

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