Monday, October 27, 2014

Week Nine: Integrating Feedback and Backend Work

Over the past week we've managed to take a good amount of the design feedback we received and implement it into the game.  Resource management has changed - resource buildings no longer produce on a time interval but contribute a certain amount to the maximum you are allowed to use per turn.  It still needs tons of balancing, as currently you can get by with just one Chromium Drill, but it fits a lot more with the game's turn-based nature.  Projectiles have also changed - they now follow paths the player draws out instead of a trajectory based on launch direction and speed.  This makes it easier to launch projectiles from the opposite side of the planet.  It also needs a bit of work in terms of how many nodes players can place, the distance between the nodes, and how projectiles behave once they reach the end of their path, but the core of it is in place.  I also did a first pass on some audio feedback and music, though those were last-minute additions right before the game went to QA testing.

From a programming standpoint, these changes took up a day or so.  The rest of the week was spent transitioning the code over to a new Unity project and integrating some of my other work from the rest of the semester: string macro translation, tweens, handles, a large amount of utility classes, asserts, all things existing in the codebase for next semester's tech.  By integrating it now, we can use the improved framework to polish our game up in time for presentations and make the transition to next semester's tech that much faster.

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